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Continuously expanding the current state-of-the-art of AI and other advanced analytics technologies


Pharma 4.0 providers and enablers that enhance patient safety and product quality for our customers

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Innovation labs — also known as hubs, incubators, or accelerators — are business units that employ the methods of agile startups, with the goal of devising novel ideas that can either disrupt or complement the overall company. It is a unit that is typically tasked with coming up with new ideas, executing them, and iterating until such idea is fully executed or integrated into the business.

Aizon’s Innovation Lab’s value proposal can be summarized in two key premises:

  • All initiatives must be oriented to maximize the AI & GxP status quo, providing added value to the market and patients.
  • Lab initiatives must be validated with the expert community in order to be proposed as part of the company’s portfolio.

We serve our customers to bring safe, high quality and effective drugs to patients.

Inspiration, vision, creativity and imagination are the forces guiding everything we do at Aizon’s Innovation Lab, but also hard work and scientific approach for analysis and rigor to drive conclusions. It is a collaborative space which aims to spin off its most promising proof of concept pilots and embed those into Aizon’s platform and product line.


Access our recent articles and collaborations with leading entities and individuals within the Pharma and AI spaces.

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Empowering SMEs through 4IR Technologies – Artificial Intelligence

December, 2021

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) released a technical paper entitled 『Empowering SMEs through 4IR Technologies – Artificial Intelligence...


CPV-enabled Refinement of Biotechnological Manufacturing Recipe

December, 2021

Collaborating with leading entities in a pioneering project with the aim to apply advanced analytics and AI to support decision-making while maintaining regulatory compliance...


AI’s Promise for ATMPS

December, 2021

Industry 4.0 applications in biopharma involve the complete spectrum of data science throughout the entire product life cycle of many disparate entity types. Tools such as digitalization, modern data science, and the industrial internet of things (IIoT) exist now...


Measuring Pharma’s Adoption of Industry 4.0

January, 2022

With the rise of new technologies and predictive analytics capable of handling the huge amounts of data within and across existing information systems, Industry 4.0 has been thriving in many sectors, such as industrial automation, financial technology, retail, and semiconductors...


AI Algorithm Qualification

August, 2020

Quality is defined by the American Society for Quality (ASQ) as ″the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bears on its ability to satisfy given needs″. Therefore, quality is applicable to processes ...


AI in Action for Manufacturing Process Improvement

May, 2021

The Xavier AIO (AI in Operations) Working Team is an organized, cross-industry discussion group of FDA officials and industry professionals working to increase the predictive assurance of product quality across all operations through the power of artificial intelligence...



Continuously expanding the current state-of-the-art of AI and other advanced analytics technologies.

The Future of AI

Unlock the potential of your structured and unstructured GxP data with cutting-edge data analytics tools, create the best story telling certified-dashboards on the fly.
Supporting 20+ ML frameworks for all your AI application needs. Sub-second prediction speeds for your real-time applications.
Leading/supporting the development of ground breaking concepts in pharma: Adaptive Bioreactor, AI on the Edge, Quality as a Service.
Adaptive Manufacturing: high-tech data infrastructure to manage a production process with the adaptive power of AI.

Through the Power of Many

Collaborating with Business Intelligence vendors, forming partnerships and building certified connectors.
Partnering with industry leading Quality Management Systems. Help you ingest data from wherever your data is resting.
Industrial Connectors: securing data ingestion from Aizon's GxP data-lake into the industry's most-used BI tools.


We are Pharma 4.0 providers and enablers that enhance patient safety and product quality for our customers.

  • We are pharmacists and scientists developing AI tools in the cloud to improve biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes.
  • Health authorities demand the credibility of computationally based procedures. One of InnLab’s main activities is to support our customers in introducing AI procedures into their development and manufacturing processes.
  • Keeping patient safety as a primary objective, we develop and propose disruptive approaches to regulatory compliance by taking full advantage of the latest advances in artificial intelligence, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Examples of this include:

  • AI Model Validation: industry-leading initiative for GxP-compliant data governance and procedure management to validate AI models. (model validation app).
  • Quality Fabric: compliance is ingrained in Aizon’s company structure to become the world’s first certified AI and analytics provider for the Pharma industry.
  • Predictive Quality: preventing system failure with AI by predicting machine quality and maintenance.


We partner with highly recognized institutions to shape the future of manufacturing.

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