Digital Transformation for the Enterprise

Make your smart factory an “adaptive” plant

Enterprise management that moves the needle. Enable full end-to-end value-chain integration and achieve unparalleled visibility of your processes and outcomes through real-time and historical analysis across sites in a single regulated data lake.

Leverage digital transformation at an industrial scale

  • Control operations at a global scale
  • Replicate successful solutions, from one manufacturing site to others, within the same platform
  • Democratization of data while adhering to security and compliance guidelines and regulations
  • Smooth and seamless data-to-decision processes
  • “Plug-n-play everything” from an instrument to a production scale or a CMO
  • Pervasive use of adaptive analytics and machine learning across value chain

Benchmark multi-site performance

  • Aggregate and compare operational data from multiple sites
  • Quickly optimize operations based on successes from other sites
  • Easily identify poorly performing sites
  • Modular, mobile and collaborative manufacturing environment

Gain full process visibility across Contract Manufacturers (CMO or CDMO)

  • Gain real-time visibility into your operational data housed at your CMO
  • Improve synergies globally with CMOs and other partners
  • Minimize inefficiencies by enhancing multi-site integration

Results & outcomes

  • Holistic visibility across your global operations turning them into a competitive edge
  • Better and faster actionable insights at a global scale
  • Reduce costs, save time and minimize resources due to interdepartmental collaboration inefficiencies
  • In-line, real-time, continuous, closed loop, process verification and control with automated real- time quality release
  • Achieve levels 2-5 on the Digital Plant Maturity Model plus enterprise-level dashboards and use case extensibility