Breaking Data Silos

Integrate your data and gain holistic visibility across your processes allowing you to optimize operations

Gain the ability to seamlessly and efficiently capture and monitor disparate data from across the organization and turn it into actionable information.

Aizon Unify utilizes GxP compliant software to begin collecting data within a few hours and provides data visibility and control without the need for extensive programming and months of development, helping manufacturers achieve the ‘Connected Plant’.

GxP compliant data capture and storage

  • Ensure data integrity by respecting ALCOA+ and 21 CFR Part 11 standards
  • Safeguard security with fully configurable access control of all resources
  • Full traceability of data and user activity with embedded audit trail

Unify structured and unstructured data from multiple, disparate data sources

  • Gain full process visibility ensuring earlier problem identification and improved understanding
  • Ingest data from virtually any source and integrate with any system
  • Improve operations by discovering new relevant factors and how processes affect each other

Flexible semantic models

  • Enrich and transform data into knowledge for different objectives and stakeholders (Quality, Process and System Engineering, etc.)
  • Contextualize data and create virtual structures describing your own process implementation
  • Adhere to standard specifications like ISA-95 or create custom hierarchical structures

Results & outcomes

  • Holistic visibility across your site operations turning them into a competitive edge
  • Better and faster actionable insights
  • Reduce manufacturing costs and improve process outputs
  • Multi-site compatible
  • Spend less time data wrangling and get back to data analysis
  • Achieve levels 2 and 3 on the Digital Plant Maturity Model (BioPhorum)