October 5, 2018

Welcome to the Bigfinite Blog!

Just like many startups in Silicon Valley, Bigfinite started out as a disruptive idea: solve the current Pharma inefficiencies with the newest AI and cloud technologies. Following this idea, we were imprisoned for 9 months writing patents and creating a Minimum Valuable Product (MVP) that could be validated by the Industry (Pep in the technologies, Pere in the Pharma business knowledge, Toni in the science, and Llorenç in the code).  We started from scratch, an idea full of challenges that turned into a side project inside one of our co-founder’s Silicon Valley garage.

Since then, Bigfinite has turned into two “real” offices and over 50 employees. As we continue our growth, we are very excited to spread the word about our advanced analytics SaaS platform (AI and Big Data) for the life sciences industry. Our platform just released version 1.6 and includes some impressive features that will help bring the life sciences industry (particularly the Pharma and biotech manufacturing industries) into the new area of Pharma 4.0.

In this blog, we will discuss some interesting topics ranging from product features, regulatory advances, best practices, and our thoughts about the industry and related technologies.  We hope to convey this in an open and direct format – this is our perspective on the state of the industry and how Bigfinite helps. We pledge to keep it interesting and exciting and we are looking forward to seeing your comments, opinions, and beginning discussions.

Our Founders (left to right) Toni, Pep and Pere, the day they officially founded Bigfinite Inc. (October 20th 2014).