We maximize the impact of your data

We empower people to solve hard problems, to understand their past and act on their future. We believe data is the key to a better tomorrow and that, alongside our customers, we will build what comes next.

Aizon was founded with a core team that spanned cloud and software engineering, cutting edge data science, data compliance, and operational excellence for the enterprise. After the group of founders intersected with John Vitalie, a serial entrepreneur with deep roots in software commercialization, the Aizon brand evolved from the name of Bigfinite, which represented "big data, infinite possibilities," but no longer suited the dynamic emergence of all that was happening in algorithmic innovation as artificial intelligence become a reality. Aizon has advanced AI at its core with seven patents in the space, and now brings to market the most powerful and accessible GxP AI platform to elegantly solve some of the most complex data challenges, with impact, confidence, and passion.

Aizon offices are located in San Francisco, California, and Barcelona, Spain. Aizon customers and partners span the globe.

Meet the leadership team

John Vitalie

Chief Executive Officer, Board Member


David Merino

Chief Financial Officer


Pep Gubau

Chief Technology Officer, Founder, Executive Chairman of the Board


Pere Merino

Founder, Board Member


Lawrence R. Baisch

Chief Customer Success Officer


Toni Manzano, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer, Founder, Board Member


Glenn Griffin

Senior Vice President, Global Sales and Alliances

Andy Alasso, SVP Product Management

Andy Alasso

Senior Vice President, Product Management


Aizon's Strategic Advisory Board

Michele D'Alessandro

Former Vice President and CIO of Manufacturing IT at Merck


Jerh Collins

Chief Culture Officer at Novartis


Antonio (Tony) Moreira, Ph.D

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at the University of Maryland and Chair of the Board of the ISPE Foundation


Matthias Pohl

Partner at InterPharmaLink


Investors making Aizon possible