June 26, 2024

The Only AI Made For Pharma Manufacturing | Aizon

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The Aizon difference for life science manufacturers

Nothing else better meets the real needs of your industry

Life science manufacturers walk a tightrope, balancing the goals of improving margins and ensuring product quality. That leaves many looking for digital solutions to record, analyze and optimize every step in production.

They’ve good reason for hope. The right digital platform can solve complex issues faster than ever before. But if you don’t take the right first steps, you could waste millions of dollars and years of development. By then, your competition will be too far ahead.

Aizon is the right platform for manufacturing of drug substances, drug products, intermediate and many other life science products. It’s specifically designed to streamline every stage of production while improving product quality. The software optimizes upstream and downstream manufacturing of small- and large-molecule operations. And it’s easily tailored to your unique goals.

Unlike other multivariate analysis companies, the Aizon team exclusively focused on pharma from day one. We help these manufacturers operationalize better analysis and save millions annually, increase capacity and create better medical products.

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Pharma Manufacturing gave us the 2021 Pharma Innovation Award for being the industry’s first predictive analytics and deep knowledge management application to improve the output of bioreactors in GxP environments.

With Aizon’s three-stage system, you can:  

  • Execute: Move to fully electronic batch recording
  • Unify: Integrate your data and gain holistic visibility and analytics across your processes, systems and sites
  • Predict: Improve processes and product quality with predictive AI

Let’s dig into what makes Aizon uniquely valuable for life science manufacturing.

The life science industry’s problems

Sluggish data analysis

You need fast, accurate root cause analysis to resolve production issues. But if you’re like 90% of companies out there, the limitations of classic statistical analysis hold you back. Your team could work on an issue for months without solving the problem completely just because they don’t have the right enablers and time.

Classic statistical analysis often only considers a couple variables at a time, like pH levels and density, or simplifies multivariate scenarios with linear algorithms. But manufacturing scenarios are rarely linear (e.g. fluid dynamics), and human calculation can become extremely time-consuming and complex. 

Trying to solve the problem in-house could cost up to 100 times more than investing in Aizon, if you can fix it at all.

Lack of pharmaceutical manufacturing context

You need more than skilled data scientists. You need people with process knowledge to solve complex manufacturing problems.

Most data scientists don’t have enough pharmaceutical experience to make practical and effective systems in a timely manner. They make assumptions and mistake mathematical artifacts for true correlations, wasting time and money on red herrings.

Those data scientists could cost you millions a year, while Aizon is available at a fraction of the cost. And for that investment, you receive better results far faster.

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General consultants can’t account for changing equipment or other variables without creating entirely new models. But Aizon considers changing material inputs, equipment and conditions across every batch in real-time. Then it automatically determines new process parameters based on your production goals.

Limitations of multivariate analysis software

There are other multivariate data analysis systems out there, but they rely on manual data preparation and organization and are not fit for purpose. And they cost several times more than Aizon.

Even the major AI companies or expensive strategy consultants don’t build for replicability in an ongoing production environment. They perform analysis and craft a model that represents the current problem. But they don’t provide a way to operationalize that model, connect directly to production equipment and improve the next batch in real time.

On the other hand, Aizon uses historical and real-time data analysis to create a computational twin of your processes under any circumstance. This helps you solve ongoing issues and those to come.

In most multivariate data systems, no one on your team will know how to maintain or update the models as your processes change. This could jeopardize quality, efficiency, and most importantly — safety.

You don’t have to worry about any of that with Aizon. It constantly monitors your ongoing manufacturing for process defects and potential improvements — including the accuracy of predictive models. It can communicate the necessary parameter changes to your manufacturing equipment, enhancing the next run. This can remove dead angles and empower your production team to make decisions with a more solid foundation.

And if anything goes wrong, the Aizon team is always ready to help.

Aizon’s solutions for pharma manufacturing

Pharma experienced, technology experts

The Aizon team combines decades of pharmaceutical manufacturing and data science experience. They know where the industry has been and where it is going. This experience pays off in ways big and small. 

With Aizon, you spend less time explaining industry-specific nuances and more time solving problems.

Aizon pierces through the mathematical noise that befuddles data scientists. AI-assisted data analytics unearth the underlying causes of operational challenges so you can form meaningful insights in weeks, not months.

Breakdown information silos, streamline data analysis

Aizon ingests your data from any structured or unstructured data source, such as PLC, SCADA, LIMS, QMS, etc.  to create a unified and contextualized perspective on all your manufacturing data. The cloud-based system is easily accessible from anywhere. You always have insights on every phase of production, tracking every batch down to the smallest detail.

Rather than study issues variable by variable, Aizon simultaneously analyzes every parameter of your historical and real-time data. This analysis allowed Aizon to distill thousands of variables down to 36 key factors that significantly influenced troublesome variations of a high-value medicine used to treat a rare disease. At the end of the project, the site reduced pooling strategy time by a staggering 93%.

Rapidly operationalize data insights

After collecting and analyzing your existing data, Aizon creates a digital twin of your entire production system. It operates ahead of your real equipment, foreseeing potential defects or improvements. This ensures continuous process verification, maintaining quality and regulatory compliance.

Predictive analytics optimize yield, capacity, raw material, energy consumption and more. The automated monitoring system offers real-time deviation alerts, facilitating immediate corrective actions. The system communicates with manufacturing equipment. Data findings are automatically turned into operational improvements, like adjusting stir speed or temperature changes. This way, you waste far less time and material on bad batches, like this top biotech company that reduced recirculations by 61%.

Regulatory compliance by design

Regulatory compliance and operational consistency are more critical in life science than almost any other industry. But with so many factors at play, ensuring compliance isn’t easy.

Aizon’s end-to-end audit trails and data traceability make regulatory compliance as simple as possible. Its electronic batch record helps maintain rigorous standards across your operations. It includes quality management, enterprise resource planning, systems applications and products software and more. Plus, the system highlights potential regulatory issues so you can fix them faster.

Aizon helps you maintain full GxP compliance with security features and data validation processes adhering to pharmaceutical regulatory requirements, even as policies change. The platform complies with Quality: ISO 9001, Information Security: ISO 27001, Cloud Security: ISO 27017. And all data collection complies with ALCOA+ principles.

Connect with Aizon now

What the Aizon team builds today will help shape the future of AI in pharma manufacturing for decades to come. Those at the forefront of this revolution will reap the most benefits. Make the right first step now or be left behind.

Let’s get started.