August 24, 2020

The AI World Team and Why it’s Important

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We were honored to be at the inaugural meeting of the AI World Team in February. This collaborative forum was created by people from organizations like Xavier University, Philips, AMA, AAMI, MITA, MHRA, Electronic Registry Systems, AdvaMed, Abbott, and the World Health Organization to enable the advancement of world health by expanding access to, and accelerating the development of, artificial intelligence solutions for healthcare. The goal of this consortium is to accelerate the AI implementation in the pharma and healthcare context by means of the active collaboration of all the members in order to improve worldwide quality of healthcare.

We all know that the pharmaceutical industry is slow to adopt new technologies and there is good reason to be cautious. Patient’s lives are ultimately the goal and, as an industry, we are sensitive to make sure those drugs are the safest we can make them. On the other hand, we also know that other industries are able to take advantage of these leaps in technology, including AI, to see tremendous gains in speed and accuracy. At Bigfinite, we are completely aligned with the AI World Team to bring you the best practices and experiences possible where it comes to AI and real information about how it can transform your healthcare initiatives to improve the lives of patients.

We are so honored to be working with this team of talented people and can’t wait to get started!

Learn more about the progress of the AI World Team at this week’s Xavier University AI Summit where I’m speaking and where we have announced the FDA is joining our community!