July 30, 2021

How AI can Help Defeat COVID - A Glimpse into a United Nations Webinar

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While we are still in a global pandemic, the sun is around the corner and advanced technologies help accelerate that timeline.

After we published our blog in January, How Advanced Analytics and AI can Help Lead Along the Path of Global Population Vaccination, where we discussed the main challenges we need to overcome to scale manufacturing and supply chain enough to inoculate the world against COVID-19, I recently had the pleasure to present in a webinar to the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) regarding the role that technology can plus in COVID-19 recovery challenges and impacts on biopharma. We've already talked a little about the role that artificial intelligence can play in increasing efficiency and expediency while reducing risk. Months later, there has been tremendous progress but we now have a world where some have access to the vaccine and some do not. At Aizon, we believe we technology has a role to play to further accelerate this. Take a look at this short presentation I gave to the United Nations on this topic.


by Toni Manzano, Chief Science Officer and co-founder of Aizon